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Social Distant Silent Disco

Why not?

Because we’ve got silent party headphones to keep things bumping,
despite COVID-19.

Why complain that you can’t party when there’s a perfect solution out there?

If you’re missing all that action of party life, or all manner of social events in general, then familiarize yourself with silent disco headphone rentals! Silent discos have become more popular in recent years, but they have never been more convenient than right now.

They’re serving as a logical solution to the unanticipated problem that has arisen this year, and they’re doing that by allowing people to socialize in a much safer way.

Social Distancing @ SILENCE Activations events

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A silent disco party is a perfect alternative to parties of the past, where everyone was crammed in the club bumping shoulder to shoulder.

Bow, our new norm is the social distance party, best done by giving each person their own personal and immersive solo musical experience.

Use silent party headphones for things like a movie screening, live concert, and even a yoga or Pilates class. It doesn’t have to only be used for dance parties or epic ragers.

The best part is: everyone can safely and easily stay six feet apart from each other while still having a great time together.

Our transmitters go up to 400 yards outdoors, so it leaves lots of options for places to throw your socially distant event.

For example, you can throw a silent party or event at a park, inside a gymnasium, or even in a parking lot. Think of it like a spread-out block party, fun doesn’t need to be sacrificed in order to maintain health and safety.

What’s even better is that people can have the same experience whether they’re the early-birds in the front, or the people way in the back.

Everyone’s audio will be exactly the same, so there’s way less FOMO involved.

This makes maintaining the distancing guidelines even easier because everyone can be happy where they’re at in the event without feeling the need to get too close to anyone else.

Throwing socially distanced silent events provides people with a safe way to go out, dance, and still have fun!

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Sanitization & Safety @ SILENCE Activations

The word is that the virus isn’t spread via objects that infected people have touched.

Nevertheless, sanitation and safety have been increased significantly within our processes.

Our double-step process with sanitizing silent headphones & equipment.

  1. First, we sanitize all our headphones and any other equipment before shipping it all out to our customers.
  2. Then, we send hospital-grade wipes for the buyer to use a second time in front of their customers for their peace of mind.

We perform this two-level process because it ensures that everyone coming into contact with our equipment feels safe and comfortable handling it.

The safer everyone feels, the more they can unwind and have fun at silent event experiences!

Silent-Disco Headphone Rentals

Choose SILENCE Activations Silent Disco Events

Whether you want to rent it for a comedy show, a DJ battle, mega fitness class, or even golf instruction, using silent party gear is the best way to have a safe, socially distant, fun event!

Your summer doesn’t have to be ruined, and you don’t have to stay home all season. You can still get out there and have a healthy, yet epic Summer of 2020.

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