7 Strange Things That Happen At Silent Disco

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Silent disco parties are certainly one of a kind experiences, and sometimes, strange things can happen.

By strange, we mean…unique, or special. Whatever you want to call it, it all just adds to the excitement and fun.

If you’ve never experienced a silent disco, you might just need to go in order to find out what we mean. To give you an insight, we’ll give you some examples of these strange things.

1. Fear of missing out on the action

Be part of the silent disco party!

You’ll find yourself feeling a little FOMO when you see the reactions of different people in the audience who are listening to the other competing station(s). It’s definitely a phenomenon that doesn’t happen in the typical party scene. Everyone’s got one choice, normally. But this is why we think it makes for so much more fun—it allows people to highlight their individuality. Celebrate it, better yet.

2. Sense of balance loss


You may feel a sense of balance loss. We don’t know what it is about silent discos—maybe the extremely immersive aspect it has, but it can sometimes slightly minimize your sense of balance. This could be because of all the personalized attention your sense of hearing is getting! That’s just a theory of ours, though.

3. A little self-conscious at first

You’ll be a little more self-conscious—at first. It won’t last long though, we promise. It’s a new concept for a lot of people, so it can take a few minutes to fully comprehend the silent disco vibe.

4. Individual immersion leads to liberation

Silent Discos are LIBERATING

You’ll also reach a sense of liberation in the individual immersion. Once you get over that initial moment of self-consciousness, you’ll realize what it’s all about, and you’ll more than likely have a blast.

5. Ordering your drinks just got easier

Ordering drinks is easy at the SILENT DISCO

You don’t have to yell drink orders at the bartender, and that’s probably favorable for both parties. No one likes to have to yell over loud music because then you have to resort to lip-reading and let’s be honest, not everyone has a natural talent for such things.

6. No judgement


No one can judge you being offbeat—or anyone else for that matter. Even if you wanted to judge other people for their dance moves, you wouldn’t be able to very easily! There are typically multiple different station options. And if you’re trying that hard to judge, then your priorities may be a little misplaced, anyway!

7. Total freedom

You have actual freedom to decide which music you listen to. That’s huge! It’s one thing to fight your way through a crowd to get to the DJ booth so you can request a song. This is a whole different story and much less work! Plus, the reward is way higher: endless music of your choosing, or at least until the party stops.

Strange is a good word to use for silent disco parties. Sometimes, though, strange can be good. With so many evolving trends out there, silent discos are those that you definitely want to be apart of.

As a silent disco rental company, Silence Activations Systems can assure you that you will only experience the best kind of strange with our silent parties!

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