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Silent Disco Yoga is on the newer side of the spectrum when it comes to yoga classes. Never heard of silent yoga? Or maybe you’ve heard of it, but never experienced it.

Either way, we’ll explain. Silent disco yoga, or sound off yoga, is basically a yoga class in which silent disco headphones are used to block out noise. Through these headphones, you’ll hear your yoga teacher’s instructions, plus any ambiance music he or she might be playing in the background.

This is a must-try experience for lots of reasons! See below our compilation of 7 crucial reasons to do silent disco yoga.

1. It’s a super immersive experience.

Silent Disco Yoga

Similarly to any typical silent disco event, the whole point is to have all outside noise canceled out so that all you can hear is the silent yoga class.

That means you'll only be able to hear your yoga instructor’s voice, the yogi's music of choice!

2. No more distractions.

You may have attended a yoga class before where some outside noise disturbed your flow slightly. Whether you’re moving through the asanas or trying to meditate, distractions can certainly get in the way and interrupt your flow.

In a silent disco yoga class, you’ll never have to worry about being disturbed! The headphones make sure of that.

3. Get the most from your teacher.

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Having a system in place that allows the yoga instructor to reach every single person in the room with the exact same volume and clarity is an absolute game-changer. It means every attendee is guaranteed the same presentation and instruction.

It also means the yoga teacher won’t have to focus as much on moving around the studio purely for voice projection, leaving them much more time and space for attention to their students. They will be able to provide better support and feedback. They will also be much less strained from trying to instruct loudly and clearly while simultaneously demonstrating the poses themselves.

These small factors make ripples in the pond of yoga teaching, and those ripples can make waves in terms of revolutionizing the yoga class experience!

4. Broaden your class location horizon.

One of the most notable pluses of sound-off yoga is the fact that it allows for so many more options when it comes to location. There are some very cool spots for yoga practice that may not be viable for sound amplifiers. Public beaches, parks, and other outdoor locations are great examples of this. The use of headphones for yoga classes eliminates that problem altogether.

5. It’s private, yet shared and intimate.

You’ve got the best of both worlds with sound-off yoga classes. You can feel like you’re in your own world, but at the same time, you’re having this shared experience with others. It’s a great situation to be able to zone in between modes, depending on how you’d rather experience your class. In this way, it’s all up to you.

6. It’s a customizable experience.

You can pretty much tailor the class to be of your choosing. Sound is a big deal with yoga, so being able to adjust the volume of your teacher’s voice, as well as the music, allows you to set the tone yourself. Whether you want your teacher’s voice to be softer in your ear during savasana, or you struggle to hear and want to increase the volume, the experience is yours.

7. Feel more connected with your instructor.

Whether the class is huge, or intimate in contrast, you will be able to focus more on your instructor’s voice and the words he or she is actually saying versus constantly straining to hear them, and at the same time, craning your next to make sure you can see how they’re doing a pose you’re trying to learn.

It will no longer matter where you physically are in the class—it’ll be like your instructor is right there, giving you your own private lesson (but for a way better price!)

It's Time to Try Silent Disco Yoga Yourself

There are plenty of reasons why this experience is a MUST. After reading our seven crucial reasons to try silent disco yoga, we hope you’re already searching out classes you can book!

See for yourself why this novelty yoga has become a revolutionary niche of yoga classes and Rent silent yoga headphones from SILENCE Activations.

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