Why Silent Disco Yoga Has Become a Lasting Trend

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If you haven’t yet tried silent disco yoga, then we’re not sure what you’re waiting for. This experience is such a treat that it tends to become a new hard-wired hobby for first-timers.

It’s more immersive, and that gives practitioners even more of what they love most about yoga class.

The headphones make it easier to lose one’s self, allowing them to go deeper and deeper into their flow.

This is another reason people feel they’ve gotten more out of the class when headphones are utilized.

Silent headphones provide yogis with more personable, intimate, and distraction-free yoga time—a time that is considered sacred for many who practice.

What is Silent Disco Yoga?

First off, what exactly is it? Silent disco yoga is essentially yoga done while wearing silent disco headphones. It allows class attendees ample social-distancing space.

It also makes it much easier for everyone to hear the yoga instructor perfectly well regardless of where their mat is in the class area.

This is an innovative way to continue practicing yoga in a tough year that has been filled with the difficult task of staying socially distance from others.

Why practice SDY?

Silent disco yoga has been the answer for yoga prayers around the globe. For lots of yogis, the practice isn’t just a part of their health routine. It’s their way of life.

Therefore, the incorporation of silent disco headphones in yoga classes has enabled them to be able to adapt to this scary new world we’ve been thrust into in 2020.

Yoga is a lifestyle for so many practitioners that not only keeps their physical health in check, but it also provides balance with their mental and emotional health as well.

What made it a lasting trend in 2020?

When COVID hit this past March, yoga studios everywhere had to make the tough decision to close their doors in the interest of their clients’ safety.

With the use of headphones, classes can instead be held outside in a spaced-out fashion.

Indoor studios can also hold classes with a smaller capacity, and instructors can talk without having to raise their voices.

They’re able to do this with the plug and play fitness unit that Silence Activations provides, which serves as a wireless mic for the instructor to use.

From a class attendee’s point of view, it’s a much better experience to have your instructor’s soothing voice in your ear no matter where your mat is positioned.

From an instructor’s standpoint, silent headphones make teaching so much easier. Demonstrating poses while having to project your voice can get exhausting very quickly.

The use of silent headphones eliminates that struggle as a yoga instructor.

Many of those who have experienced silent disco yoga have now seen the benefits it has and the problems it solves, making it a trend that will last much beyond 2020.


As we long for normalcy in the closing months of this year, we must remember that things are still not completely back to ‘normal’ yet, and they may not be for quite some time.

In many ways, things won’t go back to the normal we remember at all. On a positive note though, this pandemic has shown us ways that certain things can be done better.

One example is that working from home has proven more efficient and environmentally friendly for some industries.

On a similar note, group classes have resorted to the use of headphones for social-distancing purposes.

What started out as a coping mechanism for yoga teachers has now become a staple for many because of the ways they enhance the experience for everyone involved.

As we eventually crawl back into some sense of normality, this silent disco yoga trend will be one that we believe will stick around.

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