500 Silent Disco Rental Pack

Rent from $3,400.00

- 500 Silence Onyx HD Headphones
- 3 Sound Wave RCA Transmitters
- Play up to 3 devices simultaneously through the RCA provided transmitters. Connect any three devices, such as phones: Ipods, Laptops, DJ Controllers & More.
- Blue, Green & Red LED Lights
- Up to 10 Hours of battery life
- 24/7 Customer Support Line

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Everything you need to set up a successful silent disco experience. Easy setup within minutes, you will be having a quiet party. If you can connect a coffee maker, you can set up a silent disco system. Connect your music media device to your Soundwave transmitters, and you are ready to go.

-Lightweight Noise-canceling Headsets
-DB Auto Bass System
-Up to 3 colors with three different music choices all at the same time
-Fully Charged with 10-Hour Lithium Battery Life
-24/7 Customer and video support for any issues that may arise.

Check out the video below to see how easy the setup is.