Frequently Asked Questions


A silent disco or silent party is a new, increasingly popular kind of event where people dance to music broadcasted through wireless headphones instead of the traditional speaker system. Only people wearing the headphones can hear the music, making it a perfect avenue for venues with noise constraints. They’re also great for creating a club-like atmosphere while maintaining the ability to hold a conversation at a normal volume. A silent disco can be as simple as setting up different playlists on different devices, or as complex as having multiple live DJs competing for the approval of the audience. Party-goers can tune into their favorite station, whichever route you decide to go.

Not only do we provide the whole party, but we also specialize in making sure you have everything you need to host a successful silent disco. We can provide live DJs, live entertainment, epic pre-recorded DJs, custom headphones, visual effects, lighting, demonstrations, and more. With over 2,000 events under our belt, we’re one of the most experienced and professional silent disco rental companies out there. We make sure you always have timely shipping, amazing customer service, and an incredible silent party experience.

Customers who are renting can expect our equipment to arrive 1 day before their silent party event. This will give you plenty of time to familiarize yourself with both our equipment and setup instructions. If you’re ever unsure, you can always reach out to us for help.

When your party has finished, you simply need to pack up the equipment and place the included return-shipping label on the outside of the crate. Fed Ex is our carrier. We need to schedule a pick-up the day before the pick-up is needed—this should happen on the first business day following your event. You can also drop the equipment off at Fed Ex location. Whatever is easier for you works for us. If you choose the latter, make sure to send an email to your customer care rep letting them know the package is on its way back to us.

We recommend having reliable security and staff at your event in order to deter theft and/or damage to the rental equipment. Place headphones at entrance and exit to the event space for best control of the audio equipment. We charge a standard $80 replacement fee for any headphones that are lost or damaged. If something happens to the wireless music transmitter, it will cost $280 to replace. If you would rather protect yourself against the possibility of damage, loss, or theft of equipment, you might want to strongly consider bundling an event rental insurance plan onto your order!

A standard rental quote will cover usage for a single day event with a next-day headphones return. For longer events, we offer weekly rentals with chargers. The headphones will be shipped to you fully charged, and with approximately 8 hours of battery life. Therefore, if you are planning a multiple-day silent party, you may need to re-charge the headphones in-between days. To do this, you can utilize the charging stations we include in the shipment for multi-day orders. We have weekly rates available for longer events as well. If you’re interested in having hands-off party experiences throughout the year, we offer long-term lease options.

We require a 20% deposit for securing your rental reservation. The remaining 80% will be due 7 days prior to your party date, and is required before the equipment can be shipped out to you. We accept multiple payment methods and all major credit cards. If you need different terms to accommodate your organization or employer, please send us a message and let us know.

Rental orders we just ship the equipment to you. If you get full service onsite event yes—we bring the whole party! We provide you with flexible options of either one, three, or even virtual DJs to go along with headsets. This is why we’re such a great option for novice silent disco hosts. We take care of all the entertainment for you. It’s what we’re good at.


We offer state of the art, multiple channel, LED silence headphones! We even have customized headset logo options, meaning you can print your logo, or a message that’s unique to your event. Synced LEDs show the channel you’re tuned into, and they offer an exciting glow-in-the-dark experience. The rechargeable batteries offer 8 hours of premium sound and non-stop fun.

No you don’t need a DJ you can use our pre made studio sets or your own devices for 3 stations. You're welcome to have DJs as part of your experience. Our system works wirelessly, and with our 20+ years of entertainment and AV experience, we will handle the technical stuff for you. That way, you focus on having a good time along with all of your guests.

Our system gives you up to 3 channels to play music from. This gives you 3 color station options for multiple DJs, if you’d like!

The music can be broadcast at a radius of up to 400 yards from the wireless transmitter outdoors. Indoor venues usually it is around 50 yards as signal will bounce of infrastructure.

Our headphone batteries last 8 hours on just a single charge. They will ship to you fully charged and ready to go, so you can open your shipment and start enjoying the party right away.


Purchase via the buy page, or fill out our website form and one of team members will set up 5-minute call to discuss products you need to purchase. Then we will send you an estimate for purchase items.

Please read this policy in its entirety before making any purchase. All orders are considered final. Accepted returns may be subject to a 25% restocking fee and a return shipping fee.

If you’d like to evaluate our equipment before purchasing, we recommend setting up for an equipment rental first. Returns will only be granted for issues related to verified Manufacturer Defects. Before paying for a rental order, please request a rent-to-purchase authorization. We will set you up with a standard rental.

Any product purchases that have been made through Silence which show any manufacturer defects are return-able within 7 days of shipment being received. Purchases which are returned without an RMA will not be eligible for refund. It also may cost an additional processing and/or shipping fee to have the purchase shipped back to you. All products will be subject to inspection and thorough testing upon their return. Those products which do not show any signs of a manufacturer defect, appear to have been used in any way, or are damaged due to fault of the customer or in the return process shall not be liable for any refund, and may incur additional shipping/handling fees in order to have them sent back to you.

Custom branded headsets or Specialty orders are ineligible for refunds or returns once purchases are made.

International Orders

Shipments of our products to anywhere outside of the continental U.S. will incur additional shipping, duty, tax, and/or tariff fees. Upon placing an order, the customer will be responsible for covering any additional taxes, duties or tariffs. There may also be a delay when items pass through Customs, so shipping duration will vary.