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SILENCE Activations provides nationwide premium headphone rentals and hosted occasions for a customized listening experience across a wide range of events including silent disco parties, corporate events, yoga, festivals, movie screenings, and more.

What is a Silent Party?

Silent headphone party perks

Wireless headphone features tailored specifically for your event.

LED Multi-Channel Silent Headphone Rentals

Multiple Channels

Guests can toggle between music stations or channels depending on the type of event ranging between silent discos to the corporate events, displayed by LED on their headphones.

Premium Sound Headphone Rentals

Premium Sound

Our high quality, noise cancelling wireless headphones send crisp and clear audio up to 400 yards away. While your guests turn it up, say good bye to all noise ordinance worries with SILENCE.

Live & Phantom Silent Disco DJ Services

Live & Phantom DJ's

With 2,000+ events under our belt, we can provide live DJs, live entertainment, epic pre-recorded DJs, visual effects, lighting, TVs, demonstrations, live presenters and more. Host of the year? YOU.

"As an audio engineer, I'm very impressed with the quality of gear and equipment they provide. Music clarity is unreal. No static or interference from transmitters.
Clean mixes. Just an overall great experience."

- Bayanda Msezane
Silent Disco Headphone Rentals

Experience 3 different audio channels & more

Rent or buy silent disco headphones

Bring your event to life offering the best silent disco rentals available for rent or purchase. We are the premier silent disco equipment provider and silent event company with SILENCE state-of-the-art LED headsets.

Custom branded silent event headphones.

Add your own logo

Customized wireless headphones

Use your brand to stand out from the crowd with customized headset logo options. Signify your event with a custom logo or message to make your event unique. SILENCE is luxury wireless activation!

Hosted Silent Events

We'll bring the party to you

Full-service silent parties & events

What makes us unique is our 20+ years of events, entertainment and AV experience. We offer a wide variety of event and party planning services, including live DJs, onsite support, staging, lights and wireless SILENCE.

Tell us about your event. Fill out our contact form, send us an email or give us a call for a custom quote.

Silent disco events galore!

Our headphones are great for silent discos, but are perfect for any event!

Club & After Party

Education & Church

Fitness & Yoga

Live Music & Festivals

Travel & Tourism

Seminar & Conference

Wedding & Mitzvah

Movie Screenings

Meet our clients & friends

We know how to party. That's why these brands chose us!

Leukemia Lymphoma Society
Ernst Young
Quiken Loans

“OMG this is so much fun! We had 200 headsets branded with our company logo. The DJs and music mixes were awesome.”

- Debbie Porter

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